JP is back!

Ok, so it's been 4 weeks since JP got back...but I've yet to proclaim it via blog. It's been crazy since he got back. He returned on a Friday, then his family came to visit the following Monday. Then that next weekend I went home to go to Micah's graduation (though I didn't make it and I don't feel like going through that whole story), but then I came back on that Sunday with Mallory in tow. She spent two fabulous weeks with us and just returned home this past Monday. Things finally feel like they're getting back to normal! Whatever normal means...

But having Mal here was a lot of fun. It was her first time riding on a plane and her first time in New York. So very very fun. I love having family visit. The only thing that sucks is that I'm not on vacation so everything has to revolve around my work schedule. Ugh. But it's ok. We make do.

It's nuts to play the tourist a bunch of times in a row. I've been to the same places a lot of times now! But it's also let me get to know the city a lot better. I'm getting to where I can tell you how to get to different places without consulting my iPhone. I have a general idea of which trains stop at which stations. If we're somewhere unfamiliar, but I see a subway station ahead, I have the confidence to say, "Eh, let's just get on a train here and figure it out." It's so much fun when you know what you're doing!