Why Ramblings of a Silly Girl?

During the fall of 2007, the year I graduated from college, I was at a loss for what to do with my time. My uncle suggested I audition for the winter musical at a local theatre in the area. I love to sing and be onstage, so I did.

The musical was Beauty and the Beast and I was cast as one of the Silly Girls, those 3 blondes who follow Gaston around and sigh over him. I also started blogging, which I found to be really fun, and decided to call it Ramblings of a Silly Girl, because at that moment it fit my life (and blog) perfectly. 

At some point I fell out of the blogging habit and when I eventually picked it back up and revamped it, I found I couldn't change the title. By this time I was living in NYC and not doing theatre anymore, but I kept it because that decision to audition for that musical was the catalyst for so many changes in my life. I met my best friend in that show, it led me to question and delve deep into what my beliefs are, my language got worse, and I met and worked with my future mother-in-law for a year before meeting the man who would become my husband.

Besides...I'm still a silly girl.

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