T is for Tap Dancing

I know what you're thinking. What the heck does tap dancing have to do with New York City?

Well, I'll tell you.

The story starts in Georgia. My family was visiting Stone Mountain one December day and we were all having a good time and you know how high levels of happiness can make you act silly...right? I'm sure you do. So at some point we were standing around waiting for a show to start and I started "tap dancing" for the family. It was stupid and actually barely resembles tap dancing at all (I should point out I have absolutely no tap training), but it cracked my family up and since then they will randomly tell me to tap dance when we're out.

The following January JP and I took a trip to NYC so I could go to a job interview and we could hunt for an apartment (little did I know it would also be the weekend we got engaged). It was my family's wish to tap dance in front of famous NYC places so...I did. Enjoy.

I really should get back into it and film some more. ;-)


  1. For some reason my computer wouldn't play the video. Bummer as I would have loved to see that! At our house we call that tap dancing "the snoopy dance." :)

  2. What an absolutely brilliant idea!

  3. I still love watching all of these! Yes....you need to do more!!!! MOM

  4. Very funny =). Thanks for sharing with us!

  5. Is this all of them? It feels like there were more...