D is for Diners

I have a great love for diners. I rarely come across one I don't like. Diners have all of your basic favorite comfort foods like chicken fingers, french fries, pancakes, unlimited coffee...basically, if you have a hankering for something, a diner probably has it...or something like it.

So without further ado, here are some of my favorite diners in NYC:

Tom's Restaurant
2880 Broadway at 112 St (Upper West Side)
The exterior of this diner was used on the show Seinfeld (one of my favorite shows), which is why I wanted to go there. Don't expect the inside to look the same as on the show, but you can expect good food.

JP and me at Tom's

Big Daddy's Diner
Gramercy Park: 239 Park Avenue South (Between 19th & 20th Streets)
Upper East Side: 1596 2nd Ave (at 83rd St)
Upper West Side: 2454 Broadway (at 91st)
Yep, there are three convenient locations for your dining pleasure. This diner is more of a chain, but the food is good and the atmosphere is really fun. Six words: Chocolate Chip Molten Lava Cookie Cake.

Westside Restaurant
2020 Broadway (at 69th St)
This is one of those nondescript, not famous joints that I can't help but love. It's small but efficient and conveniently located a couple blocks from my favorite movie theatre, AMC Loews Lincoln Square 13. So pop over for brunch and a movie.

825 7th Ave (at 53rd St)
Lindy's is famous for their cheesecake - it's supposedly the best in the city - and you may recognize the name from the musical Guys and Dolls. Personally, I'd rather get my cheesecake from Junior's, but I hope to go back to Lindy's just for a cup of coffee. Yes, I'm serious. If I could have my pick of coffee from anywhere in the city (including Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts) I'd pick Lindy's coffee. I have no idea why it's so good, but it is. And that's that.


  1. So agree! I love diners! And those rare finds, off the beaten track are usually the best!

  2. Awesome theme! I've never been to NYC so it's very cool to read about your newlywed journey there.

  3. You know what I'm going to steal this post for, right? :)

  4. Judy: Off the beaten track diners are definitely the best.

    Luana: Thank you! Perhaps one day you can make a trip - it's so worth it.

    Molly: Duh.

  5. Thanks for the list. They're quite handy to have. Diner food is just amazing on its own, isn't it? Good diners don't have just good food, but efficient service and friendly staff. I hope you get to add more on your list.

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