B is for Bryant Park

One of my favorite spots in the city is Bryant Park. It's situated right next to the New York Library, just a couple of blocks from Times Square, but it doesn't feel as busy and touristy. It has a huge lawn and during the non-wintry months is usually littered with chairs, tables, and people spread out on blankets. During the summer, they put up a huge movie screen and show movies every week. During the winter, Citi Pond (skating rink) moves in, along with a whole bunch of holiday shops. (If you use your Citi card you get a discount on the skate rental!)

JP and me ice skating at Citi Pond with my aunt Carla
In addition to all that basic stuff, Bryant Park has a Reading Room, where they provide books, magazines, and newspapers to anyone who wants to sit there and read them. There's a carousel that's always there. They have a P├ętanque court (I guess you would call it a court?) and they have classes on how to play Monday through Friday. There are lots of games available: chess, backgammon, ping pong, quoits, Kubb, and Chinese Chess. If all of this makes you hungry, there are also several little spots to grab something to eat.

Totally different Carla trip (she comes every 6 months) enjoying some Crumbs cupcakes.

Seriously, y'all. Bryant Park is awesome. You can easily spend all day there just doing nothing but laying on the grass and staring at the sky surrounded by skyscrapers...is it spring yet? I'm ready to go!

A nice view of the park.
My youngest sister Mallory's first visit.


  1. I LOVE Bryant Park! Great post!

    (Stopping by from the A to Z Challenge)

  2. LOVEEEE Bryant Park! I've already requested mondays off for the summer for the movies. Great pics too. :)

  3. Great post! I've never been to NYC, but I suppose I should go...yes? (Fellow A-Zer here)

  4. That sounds so lovely! I have always wanted to visit NYC. It will be a couple of years yet before I can mark it off of my list, but I will add Bryant Park to my "things to do while in NYC"!

  5. I loved Bryant Park when I visited. Great post!

  6. My mom mentioned Bryant Park a lot; she used to work for AC Neilson in the late 40s/early 50s and their building was next to the library.

  7. STOP! I don't want to live in the city again. I don't! ...

    Okay, maybe I miss it just the tiniest bit. So many unique experiences in such a small place.

  8. Anothercleanslate: Thanks so much!

    Harper: I wish I got off work in time to go to those!

    Mel: You should definitely visit! NYC is both easily loved and easily hated and I never know how it will affect people. I've had visitors who end up wanting to move here and others who ended up leaving early because they didn't like it!

    Jenny: Definitely add Bryant Park. Such a great spot. Let me know if you ever make the trip and I'll meet you there! :-)

    VikLit: I'm glad you enoyed it!

    JoJo: That's so great! I would love to work near there - what a great spot to take your lunch.

    Crystal: I often worry about having to move. Right now we're here indefinitely, but I know if we ever leave it's gonna rough. It gets in your blood.

  9. I can't think if I've ever been to Bryant Park while I've been in the city. Maybe I need to go next time!

  10. I worked for NY Public Library when I first moved to NYC in my 20s, so Bryant Park was always a favorite. Really enjoying your theme - happy A to Z-ing!

    Jess / Blogging on the Brink