Christmastime is here!!

Christmas has come. To New York City.

[Huge, long side note: In my head I phrased those two sentences the same way Ms. Gupta phrases her famous line from Princess Diaries. She answers the phone and says, "Gupta...mm-hm...mm-hm...mm-hm.......The queen is coming. To Grove High School."]

Anyway, back to Christmas. It's awesome. Everywhere I go there are decorations, big and small. And it's COLD. Yesterday I went into the city and could not believe I'd left my gloves and earmuffs at home! My face and fingers were numb. This is how the Christmas season should be!

On Thanksgiving (after I got home from the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade!) we ate our little Thanksgiving meal and then put up a tree!! It's only 2 ft tall, but who cares. It's a tree! And it's super cute. In case you can't tell, the base of it is a little red boot trimmed in white.
Bless JP for putting up with me and my crazy decorating. It seems like every couple of days I either come home with something new or I discover something else I had packed away. Today I went out for eggs and came back with stockings to hang (they're tiny ones that were only $.99, so don't judge me). The only other thing I really want to get is some sort of wreath to hang on the door. One of my favorite decorations? The light-up Santa head from Sylvia and Laura. LOVE IT.I'm also thinking that Christmas shopping is going to be so much easier (and surprisingly cheaper!) here in New York. There are so many options for unique gifts for not a lot of money. I'm getting really excited about shopping for gifts. I've started a list.

What do you want for Christmas this year?

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