Internet Etiquette

I was recently accused of poor etiquette on the internet. By a stranger, no less. Now I'm not perfect and I'm aware that my negative Slytherin attributes do show up every once in a while. However, I also know a lot about etiquette on the internet. Here are some things that are just plain annoying to come across.

Whining that you don't have time to post...in a post. You had time to post that you don't have time to post. If you really don't have time to post on your blog, then just stay off your computer.

Along the same lines...if you post fiction in a public forum, please don't introduce it by talking about how crappy it is. Don't whine and say you're such an awful writer and your stories are crappy, etc. Just put it out there and let it speak for itself. Especially if it's mostly your friends reading it anyway.

Going by a fake name. Don't get me wrong, I understand using a pseudonym for professional reasons. But using a "nickname" that you've given yourself (when no one in real life uses it for you, well, because it doesn't even fit you as a nickname) in conjunction with your real name (so it's not exactly to protect your identity, right?) is just juvenile.
Acting like you care about someone online then ditching them in real life. This just looks like you're more active online than in the real world.

Posting something you read in a forwarded email as though it's fact. Come on, people. Don't be stupid.

What about you? Any crazy stuff you've seen that's just really irritating here on the world wide web?


  1. I really wish I had time to leave a comment here, but I gotta run. It's a busy as hell day and I wish I could take some time to check out some blogs, but my life sucks so much that I can't. Sorry, because I wanted to say how, when I read that about people posting in a post about how they don't have time to post (I love that sentence), it's probably because they feel an instinctive need to allot X amount of time per day to bitching, and said bitching simply takes a higher priority than posting, even if there's nothing really pressing to bitch and moan about on any given day.

    Also, if I had time, I would add that I hate when people lurk on, say, facebook or a blog, but don't comment, then the next day they see you at work and say something like, "so how's your toothache? Any better?" Without telling you read about it on your page. Feels so creepy stalkerish, even after they tell you how they know. Sorry I don't have time, though.

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  3. YES! "Oh, wow my writing is so crappy, but here it is, I'm posting 900 pages for you to read" is super annoying. Fishing for compliments anyone?

    Also annoying? "Please don't read my public blog."

    Ashlee, I'm sorry I'm reading your public blog. I'm really sorry. I feel awful about invading your personal business, but I just couldn't help myself.

    PS: The deleted comment was mine, and it's because I my mom had left her g-mail up on my computer. Oops.

  4. Haha, Zampa! I had a problem with a lurker this time last year...and it was my boss. I would get a professional email from her at work, with a closing line like "Oh and I saw you made quesadillas over the weekend!" Creepy.