My twin's wedding.

Two weeks ago today, I was on Tybee Island for my soulmate's wedding. Colby and I have known each other for 4.5 years. When we met at callbacks for Beauty and the Beast at Macon Little Theatre, we had no idea that we'd just met each other's soulmates. Yes, a lot of people associate "soulmate" with their significant other, but not us. Our husbands are the loves of our lives, but we are each other's soulmates. We bonded instantly and now there's a certain level of inescapable codependency (which is alright by me). She understands me more than anyone else ever has and I don't know what I'd do without our constant texting throughout the day, every day.

So yeah, it excited me to no end to be able to fly down to Georgia for her beach wedding. I've watched her fall in love with David (and even told her beforehand that I thought they'd end up together) and am thrilled she's found someone who understands her sometimes more than I do. Their wedding was so special and several times I got teary eyed at the sight of how incredibly happy they are. They were truly meant for each other.

From the moment they set a date, I started planning a shower. I knew I wanted it to be awesome (duh) and I wanted it to be something Colby would love (double duh). I debated a beach theme, I debated a theme involving really bright/almost neon colors, and I also thought about something sedate like a tea party...then I found craft projects on Pinterest involving glitter and all debating stopped. A glitter shower. Perfect. (I'll follow up this post with a more thorough list of things I did for the shower.)

The wedding itself was at the beach on Tybee Island. We had the rehearsal dinner the night before at a little Italian restaurant in Savannah. By the time it was over, we were all exhausted.

The next day was spent setting up the reception area and of course...getting married. It was a beach theme so they had a sandcastle cake, messages in bottles instead of place cards, and bowls of fish as the centerpieces for every table. Everything looked really great.

Here are some parting pics of them being cute.

Congratulations, David and Colby.


  1. AH! Love. Now I want to do a pininterest board of our wedding and copy you, hahaha! I'm so glad you were there and in on everything. I love you!!

  2. Oh, and David said, "Aaaaaaw." But then he couldn't prove that he wasn't a robot, so he asked me to add the comment.