Rom Com Memorial Service

Recently my good friend Harper posted an article talking about the death of the romantic comedy. This is a truly sad thing to ponder - when did we, the movie goers of the world, stop clamoring for movies like You've Got Mail and How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days?? These fluffy feel-good movies do their job well - just like romance novels (which I love), rom coms offer you a chance to escape the stresses of life and be transported to a fun romantic moment in time.

So to mourn the slow death of romantic comedies, Harper and I decided to get together and have a Rom Com Memorial Service by drinking wine and watching When Harry Met Sally because - horror of horrors - I'd never seen it!
We made frozen pizzas and I brought chocolate wine that we poured over ice cream in a Disney princess mug, because that seemed appropriate. Of course it comes as no surprise that I completely fell in love with the movie.

Oh, and meet Winston.

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