Weekly Wrap Up! 3.8.13

This week I got called for jury duty for the first time ever. I had no idea what to expect, considering how everyone complains about it, but I found it pretty enjoyable! The guy in charge (in my head I call him the emcee) was entertaining and funny, they showed movies (Night at the Museum and Die Another Day), and I basically just got to sit around and read all day. Pretty enjoyable, right?

I did get called for a panel and had to listen to 3 lawyers repeat the same stuff and ask the same questions over and over again, but it was still interesting. I find the whole process to be interesting actually. I was picked to be on a jury for a civil case and I'm pretty excited about to go through the whole experience. Plus, it's time I'm not at work - my days are usually 10 hours long, but even if I put in a full day at the courthouse, it's only been about 6 hours a day on average. Today I was only there from about 10:00 to 12:30, a great start to my weekend! I go back next week to actually start the trial.

Last weekend I had brunch with an old friend and we had a very...enlightening visit. She was once friends with a mutual acquaintance who unfortunately turned out to be a genuine sociopath. The unfortunate thing about sociopaths is that you rarely know what they are until they've already ruined your life and are attempting to get rid of you. It was nice to talk about that time and this person and correct all the lies we'd been told. Laura is an amazing person and I'm so glad we've reconnected and look forward to future brunches where Chris isn't the only thing we talk about! (If you have any interest in the sociopath story, including a couple of good resources about dealing with sociopaths, feel free to visit my friend David's blog post about it. He and Colby are open books when it comes to their former association with Chris.)

I enjoyed a night at Blockheads with my favorite Harlem girl, Molly (and Jayne showed up later too!). Blockheads has pretty good food, but mostly I LOVE their drinks. I had a Pink Bulldog, which was frozen vodka lemonade, topped with white sangria and then a coronita is turned upside down in it. It's delicious. I went for a second drink, which was a Black Flower: fruity sangria mixed into a frozen margarita. What a lovely night.


  1. Those drinks sound pretty amazing! Love you!

  2. I'm glad you two met up, too. It's nice to get things all straightened out.

  3. Amen about your sociopath remark, honey. Amen! On the upside, there are usually other NON sociopath friends who get you through that part. :) Loving your blog. Thanks for stopping by mine! :)
    (PS- I swear to you, I am one of the NON sociopaths. Just so we're clear. LOL!)

  4. Jenny - So true! And a lot of times, new bonds are formed with people who have been through the same thing. And good to know you're not a sociopath. ;-)