Moving to NYC!

I haven't blogged in a long time, but I'd like to start back. Some people scoff at bloggers who only write about their daily lives. But in light of the huge life changes that are about to happen, I want to talk about it.

I will soon be moving to New York. I've lived in middle Georgia for 24 years. Born and raised. I have only traveled further from the surrounding states once. It was to New York on a school trip, so I was very limited in what I got to see and do. And now I've met and fallen in love with a wonderful man whose plan has always been to live in NYC so that he can audition on Broadway. And he's good enough to make it. And I've always wanted to live in New York. And I can't let him move up there and leave me here. So off to New York we go!

My family has been great. They have those concerns you'd expect any parent to be concerned about. But they're happy for me and 100% supportive. My grandparents aren't quite 100%, but ultimately, they want me to be happy too I think.

We've just picked dates in January to fly up there and look at apartments. We'd like to live in Astoria in Queens. It's cheaper than Manhattan and you get more square footage. We'll see when we get up there!

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