Nemo Aftermath

Well Nemo came and went without hitting NYC too badly. We didn't lose power and I think our area only got about a foot of snow. Not too shabby.

So on Sunday, we decided to celebrate JP's birthday (insert hoots and hollers here) by going sledding in Central Park! Your response to that might be, "Oh, you have sleds?" and my answer would be, "No, we in fact do not own sleds." We had no plan, we just went up to our friends' apartment near the top of the park and we brainstormed what to use...we debated finding trash can lids somewhere, we debated using a cookie sheet (and even measured against our butts), we even debated wrapped our bums and legs in saran wrap...finally someone gasped and shouted, "THE AIR MATTRESSES!"

Our sleds were born.

We blew up two twin sized air mattresses and lugged them across the street and through the park until we got to a great hill. Along the way almost everyone we passed made comments about our ingenuity because we are awesome. And they worked really well too!

It was a lovely day.


The above is video of the

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  1. Fun! Yet another reason to move to NYC- so I can slide around on trash can lids with you. Hahaha!