Weekly Wrap Up!

This week was all about change.

You know I started this whole "no poo" thing with my hair. So that's been interesting.

JP and I have gotten back into going to the gym. Y'all...it's so hard for us to keep a good gym schedule. But we did pretty well this week!

I dyed my hair RED! I love dyeing my hair and tend to change it up every few months, but it's been a long time since I've gone red. JP has been trying to get me to do it for a long time and I finally gave in. Oh and as a side note: I will never understand why people's response to my new hair is, "What made you decide to dye your hair?" or "Is there a reason you dyed your hair?" People. I do not need a reason to dye my hair, just like you may not have had a reason for your last haircut. Live a little!


  1. Yeah, Colby, I'm obviously just an unstable person.

  2. I always get that when I dye my hair too! My answer it always, "I just wanted to." Isn't that still an option?! So weird.