No Poo Hair Washing - Day 4

Ok yeah, today my hair is kind of gross. I washed it with the baking soda and conditioned it with the vinegar, and for the first time I understood what they meant when they said your hair might feel waxy. My hair definitely felt waxy when I first got out of the shower. I decided not use any product on my hair (I normally use a root spray for volume) and once I gave it a good blow dry it felt a little less waxy, but it still doesn't feel clean exactly. It feels (and looks to me) a little greasy. But then I took pics of it and it didn't seem as noticeable as I thought.

Behold, close up pictures of my scalp.


  1. I can see what you mean. This post makes me curious what the time frame is on this experiment as far as when you'd say okay, my hair doesn't feel good, I'm washing it. Did they give a timeframe to "normalcy"?

  2. Haha no, there's no time frame for anything! I think I'm giving myself a month.

  3. Hi! I'm swinging by from the A to Z Challenge--and I can't believe you are doing the No Poo shair thing because I've been trying to decide if I should do it! I'm one of your new followers and it's nice to "meet" you! :)