Nemo Found Me

Just in case you're living under a rock or don't care enough about me to keep up with my current weather situation like my grandparents do, NYC has a blizzard on its hands...er...streets.

Now, folks, this is not my first blizzard. It's my 3rd. Right? Yes, I think my third. Thank goodness this blizzard doesn't see me sleeping on the interstate like I did two years ago. No instead I went into work like usual, walked through pretty fluffy snow on the way to the subway, but then battled a fierce wind and heavy snow on the walk from the subway into work. Once inside, I readily joined in with the running weather conversations that provided me with constant updates "according to so-and-so who just had to go out for such-and-such-a-reason" and from "so-and-so who just got back from lunch." I fielded questions from my coworkers like, "Did you stock up on any food or water?" and "How's your commute home gonna be affected?" and "Have I ever told you about the blizzard when such and such happened?" 

I met my friend Jess for lunch around 12:00pm at a nearby sushi restaurant, by which time the snow had turned to tiny pebbles of sleet, which were creating a thin layer of slush on the sidewalks - so still battling wind and precipitation, but now also fighting against the threat of slipping and landing on my ass. I got back and gave my report of the conditions to anyone who asked and some who didn't. It was my duty to give everyone an update after all. Around 1:30pm, my supervisor let us know we could leave at 3:00 so no one would get stuck in worse conditions. Yippee! When I left at 3, the snow had gone back to big fluffy flakes that were now assaulting and stinging my face thanks to that terrible wind.

So now I'm safe and warm in my apartment with the windows open so I can watch the snow fall. Tonight is supposed to be the worst of the blizzard conditions, though I have no idea how many inches we'll get. Let me show you the map that TWC provided for me.

So in the map above you can see the predicted snowfall for those of us getting visited by Nemo. But I actually have no idea what I'll get because if you'll notice in the zoomed in map below, I can't tell exactly where I fall, but there's both purple AND pink in my area. So I'm just going with anywhere between 6" and 18" (I'm secretly hoping for 18" but don't tell my New York friends who hate the snow and don't understand my love for it).

Now I leave you with some photos of me and the snow so far.

My neighborhood. Also my Kermit* hat is awesome.
First footprints on my front walk!

*Kermit hat courtesy of Colby Marshall.