No Poo Hair Washing - Days 5 & 6

Well yesterday was my day off and I had nothing to do so...I don't think I even showered. Sometimes I'm gross. But as far as my hair, nothing was abnormal. It was kind of greasy, but not worse or better than usual. 

A huge plus is that I did buy a 100% boar's bristle brush! Ladies, if you don't have one, you should get one. I've wondered for a while now if my brushes were damaging my hair and I'm pretty the answer is yes. But my new brush feels amazing and leaves my hair so soft. Even if you're not doing any kind of hair revolution like I am, it's worth buying. I got mine at a Duane Reade (they're a pharmacy that started in NYC and is now owned by Walgreens, for you non-New Yorkers) for like $7 maybe?

Today I washed my hair with the baking soda and vinegar and voila! it wasn't waxy or anything. It felt very nice all day. One interesting thing I'm noticing is that my bangs haven't gotten greasy by the end of the day like they normally do. Could it be because of the new washing routine??


  1. With every post, I find myself wishing it had a name other than No Poo. Lol.

  2. Hi, Ashlee, from the cousins in Virginia... just wanted to share that Evie's been "no poo" for over a year now!

  3. Wow, really Laurie? I'm so impressed because I'm having a really hard time with it!